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About Us

Prime Asia TV started its humble journey in 2016 by opening 2 studios in Canada, one in Vancouver & one in Toronto and one studio in Jalandhar, India. The channel is a brainchild of Mr. Aman Khatkar, founder and CEO who started this channel after realizing dearth of content which is engaging and relevant for Punjabi NRI audience settled across the globe.

The vision of the channel was to bring communities together by contributing positivity and hope in the day to day life of our audience. We today have successfully been able to establish ourselves as a next-door channel for Punjabi understanding community across the world. We receive audience accolades and feedback in abundance on daily basis as a family member and this is of immense help to improve our content and programming style regularly.

We are widely available across Canada through satellite channels, like TELUS where Prime Asia TV has the honour of being the only NON-ENGLISH/NON-FRENCH channel in the basic digital pack. No subscription is required to watch Prime Asia TV, unlike other channels. We also can bee seen on Rogers, Bell Satellite and Bell Fibe.

We also deeply understand the changing trends of media consumption and have accordingly adopted our distribution in accordance to the new-age viewership patterns which comprise of OTT viewing platforms like Bell Satellite (685) Rogers (935) , Ignite Tv (727) , Bell Fibe TV (677) , Apple TV, Apple App Store, Android App Store, ROKU TV, LG Smart TV across globe, Samsung Smart TV across globe and Smart TV.

This far-sighted vision and approach today has helped us reach into the life of our audience based in 150 plus countries in accordance to the schedule suitable to them at time, place and device of there convenience.

We today proudly call ourselves as the LIFELINE OF NRI’S ACROSS THE GLOBE with our wings spanning across geographies. We, in addition to our initial three studios have added one in Calgary, Canada, one in Chandigarh, India and the most recent one in Melbourne, Australia.